5 Signs he’s about to Pop the Question

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how to know he's about to propose to you

If you are in a serious long-term relationship, then you probably need to pay attention to these signs so you can really know if he is willing to propose now

1- He starts getting closer to your family and especially your Dad

Is your partner talking and setting more meetings with your parents and he is getting closer to your dad? He definitely knows the tradition of asking for a woman’s hand. Maybe he is asking for their permission or taking their blessing. So if your mother or father can’t keep a secret, see if they give you any hint or sneak peek.

2- He develops serious plans to save money

Is he suddenly excited to stay in for a movie instead of going out and having a drink? Did he start to look for a real job and career path? This tight budget might be because engagement rings are not that cheap! And maybe just maybe he is starting to build a vision of your future together. Just pretend not to notice his behavior, WE ALL KNOW HOW MUCH YOU WANT A PROPOSAL.

3- He gets interested in your jewelries

Wondering why somebody snagged one of your rings, or why your friends appear to have rings on their brain? He might have asked the help of your nearest friend to learn your ring size. I am just saying maybe he is preparing for the next step. Sounds like somebody is getting engaged soon!! Be ready.

4- He bends you from touching his phone

NO, he is not cheating, don’t worry. Even if he changed all his passwords and guarding his phone like a castle. This could be a sign that someone doesn’t want you to read a secret text from your bestie or this might mean that the proposal plans are in the works. Just PLEASE don’t be very curious or you could ruin your own surprise! Be patient this will end soon.

5- He is acting weird and nervous

There’s a lot of future talk going down. Is he writing you sweeter texts than usual? being more romantic? Unexpected questions about your favorite things like color, flowers, music. Is he snooping through your Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest likes? Seems like someone is studying your interests and looking for hints about your dream ring, or gathering some information for a proposal story. Glick says “He might be giving you a hint”