Man proposes with 6 rings to let fiancée decide which one she likes

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Man proposes with 6 rings
Dennis Brown proposes with six different diamond rings

Dennis Brown II was getting ready to propose to his girlfriend Atara Dallas, he disclosed that he knew ‘his day of proposal’ will come, “I knew this day would come… I planned for it my whole life. She deserves whatever ring she falls in love with.” He said.

man propose with 6 rings to let his fiancee decide

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Brown worked with an event planner and hired a stylist, photographer, florist and drapery designer to stage the special day. He even designed a banner with heartfelt words for the backdrop of his proposal. He wanted everything to be perfect, he then decided that just one ring wasn’t going to cut it and instead chose six engagement rings of different shapes and sizes for his future bride to choose from. The male model and former professional athlete wanted his girlfriend to have the perfect moment when he presented her with an engagement ring. Or should we say ‘rings?’

6 rings and here choice was a pear

(Picture: natevealphotography/Instagram)


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As Brown presented Atara Dallas, with not one, not two, not three, not four, not five but six different engagement rings for her to choose from pearl to round, princess, marquise, emerald and cushion-cut stones. The rings which were all different shapes and sizes obviously worked as she said ‘yes’ eventually choosing a teardrop shaped ring.


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