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Tips for the perfect dress code

Finding the perfect person, you want to spend the rest of your life with isn’t always easy. Sometimes you fall in love with your primary school sweetheart and ask them to marry you right after graduation. Other times you have to wait, searching for the one through a sea of prospects who are just not quite your happily ever after.

When the time finally comes for you to get down on one knee and say those four special words, it’s important that you’re completely ready. Not only do you need to know exactly what you’re going to say and have the right ring, but you also need to make sure you’re wearing an appropriate ensemble for the occasion.

So, how do you choose the right thing to wear when you’re proposing? Here are a few tips that will help make your sartorial decisions a little easier. What to Wear to Propose?

The truth is, where you plan to propose greatly affects what you wear. If you’re outside-the-box thinker, you may not be able to wear a traditional suit and tie to your proposal. Let’s take a look at a few different scenarios and the attire that works best for them.

The First Meeting Proposal

Show your lady that you remember and appreciate the little details of your relationship. Taking her to the place where you first met will let her know how grateful you are to have found her. Try to rebuild exactly the same ambient, same music maybe, the same lighting. Go deeper try to dress exactly the same cloth u met her in, put on the same perfume. That special location has proven a solid foundation for the first half of your relationship and is an especially symbolic and appropriate location to ask her to spend the rest of her life with you.

The Restaurant Proposal

One of the most traditional ways to propose is in a nice restaurant. Maybe you’ll hide the ring in a glass of champagne. Maybe you’ll get down on one knee right before the dessert arrives. At a restaurant, the first thing to remember is to never hide the ring in food. If they can’t see it, they’re likely to swallow it. Second, don’t suddenly spring a nice restaurant on the one you’re proposing to, If you’ve taken them to nothing but fast-food places for the last five years, they’re going to be suspicious. Build up to the proposal. When deciding what to wear at the restaurant, consider the dress code as well as what you’ve worn to restaurants like this before. If you normally wear a black men’s suit with a pair of Oxford and a tie, she won’t be suspicious that you’re wearing one this time. If you normally wear a pair of chinos and a tee, however, her internal alarm is going to go off. Dress as you normally do when you go on a date to a nice restaurant. You can touch up the details a little, changing the pattern of your suit jacket or trading in a tee shirt for a dress shirt, just don’t make too many changes.

The Nature Proposal

There are so many different ways you can propose to the one you love. If you both love nature, you can ask her to marry you at the top of a mountain after a long hike, on the back of a horse after a beautiful ride through flowery fields, on the beach, or even in the middle of nowhere over a picnic meal on the grass. For these types of proposals, a suit is a bit much. Instead, embrace yourself and consider wearing one or a tweed jacket over a dress shirt, along with a pair of trousers or jeans providing a very formal style, wear instead of something very casual that will look ideal for nature proposals.

What About Her?

No matter where you want to pop the questions, always make sure you think about how she’s going to look, as well as yourself. Today, most couples take pictures after their proposals and post them on their social media sites online to let everyone know about the happy event. Someone may even be willing to take pictures for you while the proposal is happening.

While pictures are important, she isn’t going to like those photographs nearly as much if she looks grungy or like she just left the gym and didn’t have a chance to change her clothes yet. Let her know that something is going on (without giving away the fact that you’re going to ask her to marry you) so that she is ready and dressed. She doesn’t have to look perfect, but it’s going to be important to her that she looks nice. In addition, you need to think about her and her possible reactions to the proposal. You may have it planned on the beach, but she only wore high heels instead of sandals. You might be planning to drop to one knee at the exact spot you first saw her, but because it’s outdoors she doesn’t want to take a walk with you to that location. She’s too cold, and she didn’t bring her jacket with her because it clashed with her clothes. Be prepared for anything to happen. And please do not go cliché asking her to wear white!!! It’s never a must let her choose her colors as she likes and as she feels comfortable so she doesn’t doubt her outfit at the proposal moment instead of enjoying the event.

Are you ready to say those important four words that will change your life forever? Make sure you’re wearing the right clothing when you propose. The right attire will inspire happy, beautiful memories you’ll talk to your children and grandchildren about for years to come.

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