The secret of a long lasting relationship

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A long lasting relationship is the result of partners embedding themselves in each other’s brains, and understanding each other behaviors in order to weather the storms of life. Even the best relationship in the world has its ups and downs, this is how to keep your love alive.

Couples sometimes think that “love” can help them deal with any problem faced. This is not true. A happy relationship is one where partners understand that they cannot be winners and losers, they just need to be a solution to arguments. They should be willing to give as much as they take. Negotiating around a certain situation, sharing their thoughts and trying to find a solution to their problems is what every couple needs to do!!!!

Don’t expect too much from your partners, they might be taken over by other concerns. However, you should let your lover know what are the points that disturb you and what are the things that release your stress and bring you positive vibes. So you can avoid fighting for silly reasons.

In addition, a happy long-term relationship needs another essential ingredient “TRUST”. You should never ever do anything to take advantage of that trust. You should understand that this is a two-way thing, a barrier that you should not break.

In the end, trying to keep your relationship a healthy one is not easy it requires a lot of work and sacrifices. Learn to listen, talk, trust, love to the extreme and try to surprise your spouse from time to time in order to keep your life smooth and happy.


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