Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day When You’re Engaged

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The average engagement is 12 to 24 months, so you might only experience one or two Valentine’s Days before you’re married. Back when you and your partner were dating, you probably stuck to the classic Valentine’s Day plan: Cards, flowers, chocolates, and a nice dinner for two Why not take advantage of the chance to celebrate the most romantic day of the year as an engaged couple? get unconventional You can spend Valentine’s Day with your spouse-to-be the same way you always do, but if you’re looking for something a bit different, here’s the engaged couple’s guide to enjoying Valentine’s Day.

Remember the best moments

Use Valentine’s Day as a chance to remember the beautiful moments of your relationship. Take a trip down memory lane back to where it all began. Make a reservation at the restaurant where you first met, he first said “I love you,” rent a copy of the movie you saw on one of those first few dates, or head back to the spot where the two of you got engaged and pop some champagne for old times’ sake.

Create new memories

you’re going to have a lifetime of Valentine’s Days ahead, and your wedding is going to be the ultimate love fest. Go ahead, have some good time, go to a comedy show, go camping…  Grab your partner and hit the town, filming places from your love story (like your first date location and the site of where you first said “I love you”). It’s a sentimental touch, and you can also take a video to play at your engagement party, rehearsal dinner or even the wedding. Take plenty of photos this valentine funny one, print them and start collecting funny, romantic memories. After all the best thing of memories is making them!


Start a new Valentine’s Day tradition.

Maybe while you were dating valentine’s day wasn’t that important, a classic romantic dinner that night with some candles and love songs after a long day in a restaurant of your neighborhood. If you’re feeling like your Valentine’s Day plans are stuck in a rut, this is your chance to start something new you can carry into your marriage. Kick that couple’s massage up a notch with a full-blown couple’s spa day. Get massages, scrubs, manicures, and pedicures—and don’t forget to hit up the sauna or whirlpool! You really need some headspace, sign up for a yoga or meditation class. Run a warm bath, light some candles, and download a meditation app so you and your partner can unwind without leaving the house. Go CRAZY ON VAENTINE celebrate LOVE.