Why Hiring an Event Planner for a Marriage Proposal

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Hiring a Professional Proposal Planner saves you money and time as well as reducing stress. How?

When trying to come up with a personalized and creative idea on your own, you might face problems and concerns such as time, friends assistance and commitments, cost division and idea suggestions. From this point of view here are the 5 reasonable reasons for hiring an event planner.


1- Your Secret is Always Safe!

Of course, all your friends want to help you with your special occasion, but spreading the idea and asking everyone for their help and support might ruin your surprise. When talking about surprises it is better to surprise all of the participants (Friends) especially your PARTNER, so everyone will be amazed by your unique idea.

Since paying attention to all the event details alone is stressful and difficult, you might need the help of the experts. Event planners are here to listen to your idea, advice, assist, suggest ideas, highlight your priorities and remove your stress.

2- Make sure everything goes smoothly

They will always be on time and take everything into consideration as if the proposal is for one of their team. Also, they will take care of the flow of the small details and main points that will end with a magnificent proposal.

3- What is important and what is not!

For you everything is important and you are right! but breaking your proposal idea into small points and getting a clear view is almost impossible, especially if you are doing everything. Thus Proposal Planner should consult you to clear your vision about each detail and to know the level of importance you should care about.

4- Equipment and Accessories that you might not expect.

Professional Proposal Planners always take into the consideration all the points and the possible coincidence changes that might happen during proposal execution, in addition, you must know what are the main things that should be used in your proposal

  • Record your speech clear using wireless neck mic
  • Wireless controlled and hidden cameras
  • Wireless lighting controls for fireworks, background lights…
  • Sound and music equipment and mixers
  • Video and Photo Quality

These options might not be available for most of the Photographers and if they want to rent them, you have to pay extra money, also not to mention all the required details and ways to set up them all.
Therefore to capture all the spontaneous reactions and moments, you should rely on what planner’s offers and what they fluently know how to do.

5- A  Proposal Planner has access to quality resources and vendors

How many times you wonder if you will get the same result as your expectation, and how many times you find out that what did you pay is more than what did you get. From here planners know who are the good, the excellent resources who can handle your requirements, and be on time, this will save you time, money and free your stress.

If you are ready to pop the question and live in Lebanon and let us assist your event. As stated above, we can go completely custom! Either way, I Plan Proposals will help you make your proposal memorable.