Holiday in Lebanon Proposal

The Story

7594 miles far from Lebanon two strangers fell in love:  Joseph & Layla. The Lebanese origin Couples living in Sydney- Australia wanted to move forward in their relationship. Therefore, Joseph was planning to propose -in Lebanon-in Saint Veronica Guiliani in Qsaibe because of a vow he made 5 years ago. Back in the time he was visiting the mentioned church and prayed promising: “Once I find the perfect lady I'm gonna marry, I'm going to bring her back to Lebanon to introduce her to Saint Veronica Guiliani."

The Plan

Following his promise and willing to take their relationship to the next level, Joseph contacted I Plan Proposals' team few weeks before Layla's vacation and explained the story. He told us that Layla knew everything about his Promise, and they were planning to visit Saint Veronica together but because of an urgent project at his work, he couldn't make it. So Joseph asked Layla to go with a group of friends to Lebanon and visit Saint Veronica with them... And this is what happened. But what Layla didn't know is that her partner has reached Lebanon 18 hours before her going to the Church and has organized everything to make this day memorable. The next day everything was planned, Layla enters the church, begins her prayers wishing Joseph was there, and suddenly while she was praying Joseph comes from behind, taps her on the shoulder, gives her a bunch of roses and gets down on one knee asking: "Layla would you marry me ?" of course she said yes!!. After the proposal, the couple went to a romantic dinner on the beach at Edde Sands, where they celebrated their love.

 The Experience

I Plan Proposals - It's more than a yes.  I'm very impressed with what you have offered in this day well organized and well executed.

Thank you very much for all the help.

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