On Stage Proposal

The Story

Christelle K.  a coordinator in Save The Children Organization,  loves working and being a volunteer in programmes that support children. She met  Johny K. in 2011 and they fell in love, it was soft tender and magical and been through moments of laughter joy and sadness... as she said. Back in time, she was part of Kids theater shows. Johny decided to do the proposal before their engagement that was scheduled for December  11th, 2016. He wanted to propose in a special way so he makes her happy and surrounding her with family, friend and kids.

The Plan

Johny Invited his lady to watch the new kids' theater show, the one she used to be a part of. He also invited her friends and family telling them to sit on the upper side of the stage, wait until the perfect timing to appear on her sight. Everything was planned and prepared, Johny leaves his seat, reaches the backstage and goes inside a big box on stage. This is when, at the end of the show, an old college calls Christelle to the stage as a surprise to celebrate her birthday which was 2 days ago. On stage Christelle was lost, she didn't understand the reason for this surprise, the scenario continued when the girl in collaboration with all the actors there, told the birthday girl that she has a big gift behind her in a box... Christelle looks toward the box and suddenly Johny opens the box, with a bouquet of flowers in his hand, he steps from the box, walks to her side, gives her the flowers and gets down on his knee, Christelle with eyes full of tears hugs his Fiance and says yes. At the time friends and family surround them and congratulate them.


The Experience

The proposal was handled in a serious and a professional way, and I Plan Proposals Team excided his expectations.

"Thank you so much for the transparency throughout this process and for the outstanding proposal surprise and of course YES!"