Penguin Dance Leads to a Sweet Proposal in a Public Garden

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The Story

I’ve loved her from all my heart six ago when we first met I knew she was the one.  Time passed and I realized how important she is, you know that you want to marry someone when you cannot live without her. So I decided I want to pop the question and take our relationship to the next level.

The Plan

I wanted her to be happy on this day so I started planning a special proposal, where she goes with her brother’s daughter to a public garden so the little girl assists to an animation show done by the municipality of sin el fil. My lady walks into the public garden, and out of the sudden 4 people wearing penguin characters start the penguin dance, the dance we wanted to be at our wedding. A few minutes later every penguin gives her one red rose, and this is when her favorite character “Goofy” appears with a big red roses bouquet and a beautiful diamond ring. Surrounded by her family I pop the question and I have a BIG YES!

 The Experience

Thank you so much I plan proposals team it was a very nice experience I believe we will work together in the future.