Romantic Dinner at an Incredible Beach Resort Proposal

The Story

One year earlier Elsy and Joseph met and the love story began. They have treated each other with the utmost respect. That meant the same for their wedding proposal! The pair planned a nice sweet celebration of their first anniversary. For Joseph, he had a clear vision for an intimate, private dinner overlooking the water at sunset.

The Plan

On a beautiful Sunday, Joseph led Elsy to a wonderful place, told her he needs to check if their table was ready. For the meantime one of I plan proposal's girls' heads towards the waiting lady and they start chatting. In no time the sweet-hearted Elsy explains why she is here and what is she waiting for a romantic dinner she said to celebrate their first anniversary. This is when we blindfold Elsy and led her to a  pathway lined with candles.  At the end of the walkway was Joseph waiting with a bouquet of flours in his hand and a diamond ring in the other. Gives her the flours, remove the Rubban off her eyes, with flickering pillar candles Joseph got down on one knee to complete the best proposal ever.

The Experience

“You took my ideas and formalized them. I had a great idea of how it was going to look before we even got there. I couldn’t have asked for a better set up. I cannot think of a more special way to celebrate our new beginning together than how you helped me plan it.”