Romentic Dinner in a Tent Proposal

The Story

When Khodor met Zainab, the two were living in different countries. The first time they hung out, Khodor was convinced that it was a date; however – Zainab did not. It wasn’t until the 4th date that Zainab considered it as a date, and their relationship has flourished ever since.


The Plan

On the day of the proposal, Khodor planned to take Zainab to the decided location "EddeSands" telling her that they were invited to the celebration of their friend's birthday. The couple arrived and they were the first people there, so Khodor told her that they need to wait until everybody reach. Few minutes later, Khodor leaves to the toilet and lags. A waitress at our signal helps Zainab finding her man showing her the way to a decorated tent where Khodor was standing waiting for his wonderful lady to ask her to marry him. Zainab surprised, stands speechless when Khodor goes on one knee and pop up the question.  At the approval second, their friends and family appear to celebrate this precious moment with her.

The Experience

"Thank you I Plan Proposal you turned my proposal vision into a reality with exceptional skill and exemplary dedication."