Unforgettable Beach Proposal

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The story

One year ago, I met her, and we started our little love story. Time was passing and I was realizing how perfectly was our relationship going so I decided to make the step and propose.

The plan

I planed a romantic dinner on the beach and invited my lady to La siesta where all was set. We arrived to a wonderful set decoration she loved! Took a seat and 2 glasses of wine, while talking a sound came from a talkie walkie device, beside me, asking me if I was ready for the next step and my answer was yes. So I pulled the ring box, opened it and asked her if she wants to continues her life with me.. meanwhile a group of our friends appeared with a marry me sign and a big red roses bouquet joined and we celebrated this happy moment.

The experience

It was magical the decoration, the details, the planning we had an unforgettable time and a lifetime memory thanks to I plan proposals