Violinist and Dancers Show in a Restaurant Proposals

The Story

Throughout both of their lives, Maria and Micheal grew up in Lebanon close to each other but never met. With many mutual friends, they were separated by one degree. It wasn’t until an evening at a public restaurant where Maria officially met Micheal. At this point, they were friends, then best friends. He realized after a while that his feelings are growing toward his best friend so he asked her out and told her about his feeling, and they ended up having a romantic relationship. After dating for several months Micheal knew it was time to pop the big question. He knew that Maria's birthday was coming soon and it would be the best date and the best birthday gift.

The Plan

After contacting I Plan Proposal to manage his wedding proposal, Michael made reservations at a cozy restaurant in Mono-Beirut to celebrate his Girl's birthday. He invited all their friends and her brother. On her birthday night, Maria was very curious about her birthday gift and kept asking him and trying to search for her gift. The couples reached the restaurant so did all the invitees. The plan was to leave the surprise till the end of the dinner. And this was what happened. As planned at the end of the dinner, a violinist enters the restaurant that was fully reserved for Maria's birthday/proposal, starts playing and at the moment two dancers enters and begin a wonderful show. The show continues with the violinist and the dancers and reaches a point where the dancers while dancing prepares a table for two, white table nap, heart-shaped red Sous-plate and other decoration suitable for a romantic dinner decoration. Once done the dancer gives a letter to one of the invitees and Elissa that was aware of this action stands up and read the letter out loud introducing the proposal of Michael and Maria. Maria amazed by everything around her, Said Yes!!!!

The Experience

“I was super stressed out about planning something special for my, now, fiancée and couldn’t figure out where to even start. I reached out to I Plan Proposals hoping they could help me pull something off by the date of Maria's birthday. The stress and headache of planning a proposal, work and making sure my fiancée didn’t find out was completely taken out of the picture. The final result was even better than I had imagined. My fiancée and I were blown away by the detail that was put into proposal set-up. I highly recommend I Plan Proposals to everyone. Thank you for everything!” Michael.

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