Unforgettable Beach Proposal

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romantic beach proposal moment

The story

One year ago, I met her, and we started our little love story. Time was passing and I was realizing how perfectly was our relationship going so I decided to make the step and propose.

The plan

I planed a romantic dinner on the beach and invited my lady to La siesta where all was set. We arrived to a wonderful set decoration she loved! Took a seat and 2 glasses of wine, while talking a sound came from a talkie walkie device, beside me, asking me if I was ready for the next step and my answer was yes. So I pulled the ring box, opened it and asked her if she wants to continues her life with me.. meanwhile a group of our friends appeared with a marry me sign and a big red roses bouquet joined and we celebrated this happy moment.

The experience

It was magical the decoration, the details, the planning we had an unforgettable time and a lifetime memory thanks to I plan proposals

Penguin Dance Leads to a Sweet Proposal in a Public Garden

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The Story

I’ve loved her from all my heart six ago when we first met I knew she was the one.  Time passed and I realized how important she is, you know that you want to marry someone when you cannot live without her. So I decided I want to pop the question and take our relationship to the next level.

The Plan

I wanted her to be happy on this day so I started planning a special proposal, where she goes with her brother’s daughter to a public garden so the little girl assists to an animation show done by the municipality of sin el fil. My lady walks into the public garden, and out of the sudden 4 people wearing penguin characters start the penguin dance, the dance we wanted to be at our wedding. A few minutes later every penguin gives her one red rose, and this is when her favorite character “Goofy” appears with a big red roses bouquet and a beautiful diamond ring. Surrounded by her family I pop the question and I have a BIG YES!

 The Experience

Thank you so much I plan proposals team it was a very nice experience I believe we will work together in the future.

Marriage Proposal Etiquette

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marriage proposal etiquette image

The marriage proposal is one of the most ritualized moments in modern life. Growing up, many girls are instilled with a specific idea of how it should go:

  • He’ll take us somewhere romantic
  • We’ll have no idea what’s happening
  • He’ll get down on one knee
  • We’ll start crying
  • He’ll pop the question
  • We’ll immediately say yes

It should be magical. But It is important to remember that when it comes to putting together a proposal of marriage, popping the question is not always just about uttering those four little words, it is also about where, how, and when you choose to do so. Following appropriate etiquette guidelines can ensure the proposal is both memorable and suitable.

Parents’ Permission:

Asking for her parents’ blessing before the proposal, particularly may seem old-fashioned but there are emotional benefits to doing so. It also shows respect to the bridal’s parents and this can also help them feel involved in the couple’s relationship and will encourage them to be supportive of the couple’s plan to marry.

Proposal Location

One of the most important parts of planning your wedding proposal is the location that you choose. Getting the location right could either make your proposal even better or it could be a disaster! A location that means something to the two of you is one of the best choices to make when choosing somewhere to pop the question. For example, going back to the first place that you ever had a meal together, the spot where you first met, or even the place where you shared your first kiss are all great ideas for a romantic and meaningful wedding proposal with plenty of thought…Getting off to a dream location, by taking your hopeful bride-to-be to a location that she has always wanted to see can be a lovely touch which adds even more meaning and romance to your relationship. 

Type of Proposal

The most important aspect of etiquette about the type of proposal is to be aware of the wishes of the individual being proposed to. With the emergence of proposal planners and videos of marriage proposals going viral online, I can understand your anxiety over making yours perfect. Should the proposal be public or private? Romantic or adventurer? When choosing which of these you are going to go with, it is a good idea to keep your significant other in mind and decide which you think they would prefer. If they tend to prefer not being the center of attention and are not a fan of having all eyes on them, a small, quiet proposal may be the best idea.

Proposal ring 

The first thing you’ll need to do before you step into a jewelry store establishes a budget. It will help the jeweler show you options that are in your price range.
Second, in order to continue the purchasing process, you will have to get her ring size without her notice, using her sister or best friend’s help or simply stilling or let’s say borrowing one of her rings. Keep in mind that the proposal ring you choose needs to reflect your partner’s style. 
Perhaps there’s a particular stone she wears a lot, like her birthstone, that she’d like more than a diamond. Does she like simple? Or does she favor the big, glitzy variety? Think about her personality; is she an outgoing girl who you know is going to want to show off her ring to everyone she meets? 
Then go for something big and sparkly. Is she an earthy woman, who doesn’t wear much jewelry at all? Look for rings that are simple, yet beautiful.


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Alex Rodriguez proposed to Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez Engagement Ring

Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez, nicknamed “A-Rod”, an American former professional baseball shortstop and third baseman proposed to singer and actress Jennifer Lopez during a trip to the Bahamas last Saturday, after two years of dating. The trip to the Bahamas has been planned for a few weeks, but their friends had no idea that Alex would be popping the question this weekend and they were surprised when Jennifer posted the photo of the ring.

Jennifer and Alex announced the happy news on Saturday March 9th 2019 seven weeks after their two years anniversary dated on feb 3rd , sharing on Instagram matching photos of Lopez wearing her stunning diamond engagement ring (which is estimated to be worth at least $1 million) as Rodriguez romantically holds her hand.

Live Performance Turns Into Marriage Proposal

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proposal, restaurant, ideas, photoshoot

We first met as strangers, became friends, then best friends… I could not believe that we are engaged right now.

This is how we knew each other, and on her birthday I decided to do something that makes her happy and excited about what’s waiting for her, I invited all her friends to a restaurant to celebrate her birthday and at the middle of the gathering, a Live Performance Marriage Proposal started…

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Violinist and Dancers Show in a Restaurant Proposals

National Proposal Day

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National Proposal Day was created by John Michael O’Loughlin, March 20th. This day is for those who have waited patiently for that special someone to pop the question without success. Many times, in the past, people have wanted to propose in a romantic and special way but had problems with self-confidence and lack of courage. With Proposal Day, these people have their unique way of proposing by being in a large group all doing it together. These groups use social media to chose a meeting place to all come together. This happens all around the world.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to pinpoint exactly when this day was proposed since so many people have claimed the idea as their own. But as you can tell, it’s extremely popular and may even rival Valentine’s Day eventually.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that people have to propose only on this day, it’s a fun idea. You should propose when the time feels right.


Avocado Proposal

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If your partner is going to say “yes” to your marriage proposal, chances are that their reason for doing so is going to be based on more than just how epic the actual proposal is. However, if your partner is still unsure whether to marry you or not then the proposal idea might just help to tip the balance. One way or another. So if you’re looking for some inspiration, then check out the awesomely creative avocado proposal. Yep, people are using avocados to propose, the avocado trend or the “Avo Box” has taken on an entirely new role … as a ring box!. The very millennial trend sees people cutting an avocado in half and removing the stone to make space for an engagement ring, then opening the fruit as if it were a box. So what you really need is just a ripe avocado, a ring, and someone you love!

Visit Instagram and search for the hashtag #avocadoproposal. There you will find a handful of posts where people have popped the question with the help of a pet-free avocado.So far, the amount of avocado proposals appears modest compared to the coverage hyping the rock-in-guac proposal idea.One of the earliest examples of this stems from an account for Kim Tyler Photography, showing a groom-to-be down one knee holding a ring while his partner sits holding her half of the avocado.

So what are you still waiting for go ahead pop up the question, you have a new way now make up your mind!



George Eid Surprises His Lady Through The Loudspeaker On a Flight Trip to Larnaca

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In the details the Lebanese reporter George Eid leaves his seat just before landing in Larnaca and heads to the airplane loudspeakers where he tells the passengers that he is not the captain of the plan and that he doesn’t want to tell them about the weather outside, he just wanted to tell them that they are arriving to Larnaca shortly “ and I want to ask one of the passengers a small question “ he adds “ Rana will you marry me “for the moment George opens the curtain, goes towards the reporter in the Lebanese radio Rana Richa, pulls out the ring and asks her again, Rana hugs him and says Yes … all passengers start to clap adding to this special moment a unique taste


Red roses on valentine’s day

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“Sending roses on Valentine’s Day is a classic idea and will always win you points, but make sure that the color of the roses matches your true feelings”, says Eriko Ono.

Red roses are to Valentine’s Day what kisses are to love; they make the occasion that much sweeter. Thanks to their abundant beauty, red roses have long been a Valentine’s Day symbol. And nothing says romance more than a bouquet, whether delivered personally by hand or sent to someone’s office where they can be put on display, admired and envied by co-workers. If you decide to send a floral gift to a place of business, consider adding a vase to your order so that the recipient won’t be stuck finding a vessel to display the roses.

With the market being oversaturated with Freedom roses (the standard rose you see at most grocery stores), it’s hard to see or estimate an end in sight, due to how and why they’re grown. However, think beyond red this year. Valentine’s Day is when we celebrate love, of course, but in the people we love, there is often much more to celebrate. Luckily, for most every feeling and sentiment, there is a color of rose.

A woman made her boyfriend amazed after she proposed to him in public with many people watching

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She got down on one knee, pulled the ring and she asked him if he will marry her. With a very touchy reaction, he said YES