Live Performance Turns Into Marriage Proposal

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We first met as strangers, became friends, then best friends… I could not believe that we are engaged right now.

This is how we knew each other, and on her birthday I decided to do something that makes her happy and excited about what’s waiting for her, I invited all her friends to a restaurant to celebrate her birthday and at the middle of the gathering, a Live Performance Marriage Proposal started…

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Violinist and Dancers Show in a Restaurant Proposals

Pink Range Rover on Her Proposal

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Popular fitness trainer, Joseph Rakich pulled off a big proposal and it was done in a unique and beautiful way.
They flew in a helicopter to Eden Park where the woman, Mary Ammattii who was blindfolded walked towards a giant pink box and to her surprise, it was a Range Rover with her favorite color.

Then Joseph Rakich went down on one knee and asked to the love of his life, Mary to marry him of which she said yes!

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George Eid Surprises His Lady Through The Loudspeaker On a Flight Trip to Larnaca

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In the details the Lebanese reporter George Eid leaves his seat just before landing in Larnaca and heads to the airplane loudspeakers where he tells the passengers that he is not the captain of the plan and that he doesn’t want to tell them about the weather outside, he just wanted to tell them that they are arriving to Larnaca shortly “ and I want to ask one of the passengers a small question “ he adds “ Rana will you marry me “for the moment George opens the curtain, goes towards the reporter in the Lebanese radio Rana Richa, pulls out the ring and asks her again, Rana hugs him and says Yes … all passengers start to clap adding to this special moment a unique taste


A woman made her boyfriend amazed after she proposed to him in public with many people watching

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She got down on one knee, pulled the ring and she asked him if he will marry her. With a very touchy reaction, he said YES

Our First Anniversary Ended With a Marriage Proposal

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I invited my lovely lady to a romantic dinner by the sea to celebrate our first year anniversary. She was so amazed by the place, so that’s where I surprised her and popped the question… It was really an unforgettable proposal.

A Sick Proposal: Boyfriend Arrives In Ambulance With Fake Emergency

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ER nurse Lauren Trulli was shocked when her boyfriend Tom Ciancia, who has a peanut allergy, arrived at in an ambulance, so she jumped right into the action.

But Tom was behind everything since he also works at the New Jersy hospital, he planed the whole thing for a surprise marriage proposal.

He waited Trulli to help him off then he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring, and said: “This was the best way to surprise you”.

Trulli was overcome with emotion as she realized what was actually happening.

“Shut up! Are you f—— kidding me?” she said.

Everybody in the room was brought to tears as Trulli said “yes.”

I made a promise, that once i find the right girl I want to marry

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“I made a promise, that once I find the right girl I want to marry… I’m going to bring her back to introduce her to St Veronica.”

Joseph decided to surprise his girlfriend Layla while on her holiday in Lebanon 

Followed her on the next flight, without her knowing and made the surprise proposal inside Saint Veronica Giuliani’s church.